Anna and Martin are among Europe’s most experienced and active teachers, performers, and DJs of Argentine tango. With over 20 years in the world of tango, they run two of the largest tango schools in Scandinavia and tour different countries during weekends.

Their dance is characterized by simplicity, stability, elegance, and profound musicality that is mesmerizing. They create a splendid combination of fluent, soft movements and sharp explosions, all interpreting the music with a dramatic and emotional touch.

As teachers, they complement each other well in presence, high technical skills, and humor. Their classes are often attended by students who return repeatedly.

In their teaching, they aim to cover the many facets of tango so that students feel comfortable in any embrace at the milonga.

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Bryndís and Hany have over 20 years of experience teaching and performing Argentine tango in Iceland, the Nordic countries, and internationally. They taught at M2tango Studio in Copenhagen for many years and now run their Tango school in Reykjavik.

Bryndis and Hany learned tango from some of the most renowned Argentine tango teachers, providing them with a solid foundation to develop their “own” tango style. Their dance is more on the classical side—elegant, energetic, and playful—and the interpretation of the music is the essence of their performances.

Bryndís and Hany love teaching and sharing their best practices with students, witnessing improvement and increased enjoyment of their dance. Their goal as teachers is to enhance the quality of their students’ dancing by delving into details, providing clear instructions, and presenting teaching material in a structured manner. Personal feedback and a positive attitude are their motto. In every lesson, it is important for them to give each couple as much attention as needed to improve.

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The Icelandic musical group Klassík was founded in 2022 by three young violinist, Helga Diljá Jörundsdóttir, Margrét Lára Jónsdóttir and Tómas Vigur Magnússon, who also plays the piano. The group has organized two large concert series, Klassík at Kjarvalsstaðir 2022 and Hádegistangó in Hafnarhúsið 2023. They have also performed at several other events, both in Reykjavík and Hafnarjörður.